Amriti Jalebi

Treat yourself and your beloveds with this delicious sweet on their special occasions like Graduation, Anniversary, Wedding, Engagement, Roza Khushai, Khatm-e-Quran, Hajj, Promotion, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or Eid or just any celebration.

Weight: 2 KG

Amriti Jalebi will be sourced from the premium mithai shops in the city.


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Amriti is a dessert introduced by Mughal cooks. It is made by deep-frying urad flour batter in a kind of circular flower shape, then soaked in sugar syrup. It was one of the most popular sweet (Mithai) in the subcontinent and even today is considered to be a special dessert in India and Pakistan. Much sweeter than jalebi, its typical designing makes it more attractive, and thereby more distinct than the average jalebi.



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